Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa Biryani

Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa Biryani

This recipe for Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa Biryani was inspired by a YouTube video that my father in law shared with me.   In his video on Grandpa Kitchen, chef Narayana Reddy shows us how to make a large batch of Vegetarian Biryani with rice and vegetables.  It inspired me to create a healthy version of this vegetarian meal by substituting quinoa for rice.

Biryani is a traditional Indian dish that combines the rich flavors of traditional spices with vegetables and prepared by layering the spiced vegetables with plain rice.  My healthy version for Vegetarian Quinoa Biryani is a clean, low carb recipe that can easily be made in two main steps – cooking the quinoa and cooking the vegetables.

This Healthy Vegetarian Quinoa Biryani recipe truly provides a complete meal all unto itself! It is a delicious one-pot vegan and vegetarian meal that provides a great balance of plant-based protein and healthy carbs, uses seasonal vegetables and is gluten-free!

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