Trail Mix Snacks
Benefits of a Vegan

Trail Mix Snacks

Trail mix is a plant-based snack that typically includes nuts, seeds and dried fruit. Some varieties also have chocolate, coconut, crackers or whole grains. Depending on the ingredients, trail mix can be a good source of protein, healthy fats and fiber. However, some varieties may not be vegan or may contain added sugar, salt and […]

White Bean Dip and Homemade Pita Chips
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White Bean Dip and Homemade Pita Chips Recipe

White bean dip is typically made by blending white or cannellini beans with olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and fresh herbs. White beans have an impressive nutrient profile, packing approximately five grams of protein, over 10% of the DV for iron and four grams of fiber in just 1/4 cup (50 grams). Pairing pita chips […]