Nutrela Soya Chaap Recipe
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Nutrela Soya Chaap Recipe


Nutrela Soya Chaap Recipe

If you are a soya chaap lover like me, this curry recipe is worth a try. I am sharing a finger-licking good Punjabi-style masala soya chaap recipe —the ultimate vegetarian comfort food from North India.

What is Soya Chaap?

Soya Chaap is mock meat or vegan meat made with soya beans. In Northern India, the ribs of mutton or meat are called chaap. The soya meat is wrapped around wooden sticks to give a vegetarian leg-piece-like appearance. Hence, the name soya chaap.

The soya chaap is not always gluten-free because many manufacturers use all-purpose flour to bind the dough. So read the label carefully if you want gluten-free soya meat. 

Across North India, the soya sticks are creatively used to make various vegetarian dishes. The reason for their popularity is the chicken-like texture and the ability to absorb the flavor of the curry. In addition, the soya meat adds a great variety to the vegetarian menu.

How to Make Nutrela Soya Chaap

  1. Blend soyabean seeds and remove in a bowl
  2. Blend the cooked Nutrela Soya chunks and place it in the same bowl
  3. Add maida, salt and water; make a dough
  4. Take a small dough and roll it on a flat surface; cut it into thin strips and roll it around ice- cream sticks
  5. Boil water in a pan and place the soya chap sticks for 10 minutes until its slightly brown
  6. Soya chap is ready; you can use it in various curries or make tandoori soya chaap


  1. Maida
  2. Soyabean seeds (soaked overnight)
  3. Nutrela Soya chunks
  4. Salt
  5. Water