Sesame Flavored Green Beans Stir Fry

Sesame Flavored Green Beans Stir Fry

Try this simple Sesame Flavored Green Beans Stir Fry recipe for lunch today. The sesame seeds masala gives an aromatic flavor to this Indian style stir-fry!

Every time I get a regular vegetable which is used for everyday recipes, I get into a conflict with myself. What goes on in my mind is, “Should I make the same dish with this vegetable that I have been making all these years or should I try to cook it differently.” If you simply google the name of the veggie you have at hand, you will see pages and pages of recipes that are so diverse from one another which should make you wonder – why cook it the same way when I can cook it differently to give my palate a new taste! The cuisines of India is itself so heterogeneous that you need not look any further. I will share an example of my cook here. She was our cook (in Bombay) for more than 10 years. She would come to make chapati and sabzi for lunchbox.

It never occurred to us that we were having vegetables cooked in the same way all those years. She never knew otherwise. It always had the same spices, same tadka and the same ingredients. No variety what so ever. But since at that point of time in my life, I could not be bothered with all these things, I didn’t complain. Today however things are very different. I am a food blogger for crying out loud!

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