Vegan Creamy Cashew And Coconut Lentil Curry

Last week I posted a Garlic Naan Bread recipe for good reason, I was getting you all prepared, ready for dunking and dipping into this Creamy Cashew and Coconut Lentil Curry.

This Creamy Cashew and Coconut Lentil Curry came to life one evening when my cupboards were bare and the only fresh vegetable in the fridge was a bag of spinach. Too lazy to go to the super market I just threw the ingredients I had into a pan and pray it would taste good. It tasted BETTER then good. It was the BEST curry i’ve ever eaten – so modest I know.

I had to share with you all because:

  1. It’s not only super cheap to make you will almost always have the ingredients on hand
  2. One pot meal that comes together in less than 20 minutes
  3. It’s creamy, coconuty, crunchy, rich and full of Indian spices – just a long way of saying it’s DELICIOUS
  4. healthy, like extremely healthy. Packed full all the good fats, protein, greens and carbs. Everything our body needs
  5. You can make a big batch and eat it for lunches, curry always taste better the next day
  6. Nuts in curry!? How have I never done this before? I feel like I’ve wasted my whole life up until now.

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