Desi Ghee Poori Recipe
Bedmi Poori Poori

Desi Ghee Poori Recipe


Make Desi Ghee Poori in easy steps

Feasting on special occasions and festivals is something that no one can do without- not even the ones who are always dieting. It is impossible to imagine celebrations without the fluffy Indian fried bread called Poori. Be it everyone’s favorite Aloo Tamatar or Kaddu Ki Sabzi, Poori goes with almost all the vegetables. This assorted deep-fried Indian bread is loved across the country. Here is a version of Poori which is made in clarified butter. Desi Ghee Poori looks exactly like any other poori, but the taste will take you on another level of satisfaction. Also, you’d be surprised to know that this poori is easily digestible than the ones fried in any other oil.

In many Indian households, Desi Ghee Poori is made on special occasions and festivals like Holi, Diwali, Teej, and is offered to the Gods. Serve this deliciousness to all your friends as well as the family members and they would not stop praising and complimenting your culinary skills and the magic in your hands. While it is normally suggested to keep away from fat-laden food, an occasional indulgence can do no harm! Follow this easy recipe to make the best Ghee Poori in town.

How to make Desi Ghee Poori

Step 1 – Prepare the dough for Desi Ghee Pooris

Take a large bowl and add the flour. Now make a depression in centre of this flour mound and start adding water. Keep kneading with one hand as you add water from another. We have not mentioned the quantity of water as it many a time depends on the type of flour. You have to make a soft dough. You may add salt and a little (1 tbsp ghee), but this step is optional. Allow it to rest for 20 minutes.

Step 2 – Roll the dough into a circle and deep fry

Put a kadhai over medium flame and heat ghee in it. Let the ghee warm and meanwhile, pull out a golf ball-sized portion from the dough and roll to form a disc shape. You may use a chapati press or poori maker if you have one. Carefully, drop the prepared disc into the hot ghee and with the help of a slotted spoon, press the poori so that it swells up. Flip and turn the pooris so as to cook all its sides until it turns golden brown in colour. Drain the excess ghee on an absorbent towel to soak extra ghee. Serve hot and fresh with your favourite sabzi.

Ingredients of Desi Ghee Poori

  • 6 Servings
  • 2 cup whole wheat flour
  • 2 cup ghee
  • salt as required