easy cauliflower curry
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Easy Cauliflower Curry Recipe


Easy Cauliflower Curry – Ready in 30 Mins

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HOORAY! I get to write about curry again. As I go to great pains to point out, I love curry. All forms of curry, and definitely cauliflower curry.

Although I grew up mostly eating Indian curry, since then I quickly learnt to love Pakistani, Tibetan and all types of Asian curry too. I consider myself a true curry lover.

The curry recipes that have made it onto this website are all absolute keepers – so many more were found wanting, and were never published.

There’s a reason for that – we want only the highest quality recipes on the site, and so you can be sure if a recipe is published, it’s great. That’s why this cauliflower curry made it on.

The now famous vegan chickpea curry was by far our most popular curry (with half a million hits, and counting), but I think it might just have a rival with this new cauliflower curry.

While the chickpea curry has a pungent, deep Indian taste, this one has a light, fresh feeling to it.