Indian Carrot Salad
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Indian Carrot Salad


If you ask the food I crave for, without thinking for a single second, I would happily say Salad. And this Indian carrot salad is what I make most time that’s delectable to pair with any food.

This vegan and vegetarian recipe. Made with unprocessed natural ingredients, a guilt-free compliment tastes great as well. The easiest salad ever! It’s easy to put it together, and delicious to eat.

The Indian tag in the title is for its zing taste, definitely not for its ingredients. The ingredients in Indian carrot salad are universal and commonly available in every kitchen in western countries. The Indian style carrot salad, the best comfort salad for all the salad lovers.

This Indian inspired carrot salad does not refrain from simply using them for salad, instead, use it as a savory topping, blend with the creamy dips to discover your favorite, or use them just as a dip, it’s great in this way as well. It’s versatile and easy to customize, serve with chips or nachos.

I relish the salad in every meal irrespective of the season or the weather. Salads are the bundles of tastes with layers. Very vegetable is unique and that reflects only in the salad. When you love vegetables you will love salads too. If not, start to feel the crunchy texture and the taste in every bite. They will transform into a die-hard fan of vegetables.

Fresh vegetables are the base of good living and start incorporating more into your meal as possible. Are your children are fussy towards veggies? try hinting them the vegetable’s unique quality and teach them how to enjoy every bite.

How to make Indian carrot salad

This is simple and straightforward, that you need not follow strict rules. Gives full freedom for enhancing and improving.


Any verity is compatible with this recipe. Grated carrots have more potential of absorbing the fellow ingredients. But alternative chop finely, if grating seems difficult.

Lemon juice

It gives refreshing taste and added for its acidic value. However, lime juice, vinegar, apple cedar vinegar are the best alternatives.


To compensate the acidity of the lemon juice, the salt quantity will be slightly higher than the usual. Lower the lemon juice, lesser the salt is needed. So adjust these accordingly to suit your preference.

Curry powder

Added solely for the mild Indian flavor, but this is optional. Skip if your pantry does not have the stock.

Green chili peppers

Choose any verity that normally you use. The thin-skinned chili peppers are the best in my opinion, but surprisingly others do not act distinctly too. Feel free to choose your faovrite, but slice thinly as possible to get incorporated. Deseed them for less heat Indian carrot salad.