Indian Lohri Festival Recipes

Lohri Recipes – Collection Of Lohri Festival Recipes

Lohri is the harvest festival celebrated in north India specially in Punjab. People gather together in the night and have a bonfire. They also offer rewri, pop corn and peanuts to the fire. The fire is worshipped and one cannot eat the rewri, peanuts, popcorn without first offering it to the fire.

People sing traditional songs and the story of dulha bhatti is also sung. dulha bhatti was kind of a robinhood figure who helped poor people. Specially the story of two girls sundri and mundri who were helped by dulha bhatti is often sung during the occasion of Lohri.

Here in this post, I am sharing collection of some recipes which can be made during Lohri festival.

  • Sarson ka saag
  • Palak saag
  • Chane ka saag
  • Methi palak saag paneer
  • Makki di roti
  • Pindi chole
  • Peshawari chole
  • Palak chole
  • Methi chole
  • Atta ladoo
  • Besan ladoo
  • Mooli ka paratha
  • Aloo paratha
  • Gobi paratha
  • Onion paratha
  • Paneer paratha
  • Gobi pakora
  • Bread pakora
  • Aloo pakora
  • Onion pakora
  • Peanut chikki recipe
  • Matar paneer
  • Chole recipe
  • Amritsari chole
  • Chickpea curry
  • Chana masala
  • Dal makhani
  • Dhaba style dal makhani
  • Palak paneer
  • Panjiri recipe
  • Gur wale chawal
  • Gajar halwa
  • Til ke ladoo
  • Til gud ke ladoo
  • Til khoya ladoo
  • Rice kheer
  • Rajma recipe
  • Paneer butter masala
  • Khoya matar makhana
  • Makhana kheer
  • Makhana raita
  • Aloo makhana
  • Roasted makhana
  • Bhindi masala
  • Aloo gobi curry
  • Dry fruits barfi
  • Kadhi recipe
  • Kadai paneer
  • Makhana ki kheer
  • Gur ki roti
  • Dahi bhalla
  • Bajra khichdi
  • Sooji halwa

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