Soft Gujarati Thepla Recipe
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Soft Gujarati Thepla Recipe


Soft Gujarati Thepla Recipe – Vegan

Soft Gujarati Thepla are a staple any-time-of-the-day flatbread in Indian homes. Fresh fenugreek leaves give them their signature bitter caramel flavour. Paired with a handful of ground spices like turmeric and chilli powder takes them from everyday roti to a masala-rich paradise.

I have the best memories of waking up to the smell of Theplas at my husband’s home. Whenever would visit, my father-in-law would wake up early to make them, along with crispy Bateta Vada and sweet chai. It was the best breakfast and something I miss dearly.

What are Thepla?

Thepla are traditionally bound into a soft dough which is then roasted on a hot tawa or frying pan. During the cooking process, the Thepla are brushed with oil to help them achieve a leopard-spotted finish all over the surface. It’s this oil that ensures the Thepla remain soft and delicious for days.

You can make Thepla with methi (fenugreek leaves), as well as any of these other popular variations:

  • Thepla with leftover rice
  • Leftover khichdi Thepla
  • Thepla with millet flour (bajra)

What should I serve Thepla with?

Thepla can be served a number of different ways; the most popular being with masala chai, potato curry (bateta nu shaak) or simply with your favourite chutney and plain yoghurt. As they are a common breakfast or lunch dish, it’s not uncommon to enjoy thepla with sweet masala chai.

In Gujarat, these are known as methi na thepla and are traditionally enjoyed with either yoghurt or Keri No Chhundo (sweet and spicy mango pickle).