Vegan Ravioli Salad


Vegan Ravioli Salad Recipes

Vegan Diet Foods Ravioli Salad is just perfect for hot summer days! It’s super easy to prepare, fresh, healthy, and so delicious. 

I love making this ravioli salad for BBQs and potlucks. It’s always a real crowd-pleaser and it’s usually gone super fast.

I’ve always loved ravioli. However, it’s often not easy to find vegan ravioli. If you can’t get a hold of plant-based ravioli, you could also use rigatoni or penny instead. Or maybe you could find vegan tortellini, which would also work.

Need For The Ravioli Salad

  1. vegan ravioli (I used store-bought vegan ravioli with ratatouille filling) 
  2. zucchini 
  3. yellow bell pepper
  4. cherry tomatoes 
  5. canned artichoke hearts
  6. sun-dried tomatoes in oil
  7. black olives
  8. arugula 
  9. olive oil 
  10. white wine vinegar
  11. vegan red pesto 
  12. Italian spice mixture 
  13. fresh basil 
  14. salt and pepper