Indian Vegetarian Recipes for Holi

What is Holi and Why is it Celebrated?

Holi marks the passing of winter and the arrival of spring and harvest season. Based on the lunar calendar, it typically falls in the month of March.

Often referred to as the festival of color, Holi signifies the triumph of good over evil, and is celebrated with a bonfire the previous night, followed by playful festivities in the morning.

Indian Vegetarian Recipes for Holi

The one thing that is common in all Indian festivals is a variety of amazingly delicious food. Every region in north India has their own spin on holi delicacies.

Easy Holi Sweets Recipes

  1. Baked Gujiya
  2. Easy Rasmalai Recipe
  3. Kalakand Recipe (Quick and Easy)
  4. Khoya Gujiya Recipe
  5. Gajar ki Burfi | Carrot Burfi (Carrot Fudge)
  6. Besan Ladoo in Microwave
  7. 10-Minute Coconut Ladoo (Nariyal Ladoo)
  8. Kulfi Ice Cream (No-Churn Indian Ice Cream)
  9. Rava Ladoo (Suji ke Laddu)
  10. Instant Pot Carrot Halwa | Gajar ka Halwa
  11. Instant Pot Moong Dal Halwa (Indian Lentil Pudding)
  12. Rice Pudding / Kheer in Instant Pot
  13. Badam Halwa (Almond Pudding)
  14. Mango Cheesecake in Instant Pot (Gluten-Free Cheesecake)
  15. Sooji Sheera | Semolina Indian Pudding

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