Vegan Keema Naan with Keema Lentils

Vegan Keema Naan with Keema Lentils, onion, carrots and walnuts. This lentil mix with the herbs and spices make a vegan version of keema. Serve over Naan bread or Pizza or fill tacos or wraps. Vegan Recipe, Can be gluten-free and soy free.

Keema means mince, usually used to refer to meat. Keema as an Indian dish is well spiced, sometimes cooked with a bit of onion tomato or onion sauce, is served as a main with a side of veggies/some curry and some flatbread or rice, or served as a snack. To make a vegan version I use lentils, carrots and walnuts to add the earthy flavor, texture, and spices and sage for flavor. If you add bit of broth and tomatoes to it, the mix would be like thick chili with amazing flavor from the spices/herbse.

It doesn’t really matter whether this has to stand in for a non vegan keema, because the mix of the ingredients and flavors is so amazingly tasty. Call it whatever you like – Some Fabulous Lentil walnut Mix!. Use the filling as you like, in tacos, wraps, bowls, or just serve with Naan/flatbread and some curry, or as in this post, baked over Naan or Pizza with some vegan mozz. So Good!

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