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Independence Day 2022: These 7 Quick And Easy Snacks Will Make Your Day


Independence Day 2022: These 7 Quick And Easy Snacks Will Make Your Day

Everyone, in their own way, is gearing up to celebrate Independence Day. It’s a significant day for us as it reminds us of the glorious past and the sacrifice of Braveheart’s who fought for freedom. People attend different events, and share Independence Day messages on social media. A few plan a house party for friends and relatives.

And, if you want to cook up some drool-worthy snacks on Independence Day and make it a happy experience, here’s a list to help you out. The added advantage is that you do not have to spend a lot of time preparing these delicacies. All the mentioned items are easy-peasy and take less time to prepare.

1) Dahi kebabs

These yummy dahi ke kebabs have a soft melt-in-the-mouth texture on the inside and are crispy from the outside. Best part? The dish can get ready in just fifteen minutes with some ingredients easily available at home.

2) Achari paneer tikka

Do you love paneer? If yes, then make this super delicious paneer tikka at home. It’s popular among restaurants and makes for an ideal appetiser before you start the main course. So, with this dish, enjoy paneer with a bit of tanginess and spices. Also, you can opt for the tricolour tikka recipe for Independence Day celebrations.

3) Tricolour dhokla

This staple Gujarati dish is a hit among Indians. For Independence Day, use the sooji batter for this recipe and add some unique elements to it for the tri-colour look. We bet you will love this creative take on dhokla and enjoy it to the fullest.

4) Tawa bread rolls

Ever tried a healthy version of bread rolls? Yes, let us take you through a healthier and more delicious version of bread rolls. For this recipe, first, make a delectable stuffing with mashed potatoes and spices. Fill the bread with this mixture and pan fry the bread rolls.

5) Fish popcorn

Do you have fish at home? If yes, then you can rustle up this amazing fish popcorn. The chunks of fish are nicely coated with several spices followed by egg batter, and bread crumbs and then, fried until golden and crispy. It is one easy-to-prepare recipe that will surely tantalise your tastebuds.

6) Chicken rava fry

This could be your go-to recipe if you are bored with the regular chicken dishes usually prepared at home. All you need to do is prepare a nice paste with yoghurt and other spices and marinate the chicken pieces in it. Coat the marinated pieces with rava and panfry them. A delicious snack is ready.

7) Tricolour uttapam

What’s better than celebrating Independence Day with a tricolour treat? For a healthy indulgence, make this flavourful uttapam. For the three colour variations, you can use rice, dhuli urad dal and fenugreek seeds in the batter along with some salt. Prepare this yummilicious and healthy breakfast.

Hope these easy-to-cook recipes help you decide on a good menu for Independence Day.