Vegan Pav Bhajia

This Pav Bhaji is the perfect Indian inspired street food, but it has a healthy and nutritional twist that is insanely good. Munching on this Indian spiced vegetarian sloppy joe style sandwich will keep the entire family happy and makes for an easy dinner idea.

Ever since I was a kid, “Pav Bhaji” was pure comfort food for me. Typically, it’s a mix of mostly potatoes, a few peas/carrots, and Indian spices served on a warm, toasted, buttered, fluffy white bun. It’s kind of like an open-faced sloppy joe. Pav bhaji is a popular kind of Indian street food, and it tastes delicious anywhere.

If you like the warm flavors of vegetable curry, pav bhaji is definitely for you!

While I do love the traditional version, it’s not the healthiest thing to eat on a regular basis. 

Traditional pav bhaji is basically refined carbs, regular carbs, and then more carbs, with a little bit of fat from the butter and cooking oil thrown in. There’s very little fiber and virtually no protein in the original so it doesn’t work as a filling meal. 

But it tastes SO good!

That’s why I decided to try my hand at making a healthier version that’s just as tasty. For this version, I wanted to add more protein and a wider variety of vegetables to really pack in the nutrients. 

That way you can still enjoy pav bhaji at home, but without the guilt of the original street food.

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