Vegetable Carrot Fried Rice

Vegetable Carrot Fried Rice with Indian spices and shredded Carrots. 30 minute Carrot Veggie Brown Rice Pilaf. Colorful flavorful side for Easter or Holidays.

Spring is in the air. Seriously it is. Sneezing and watery eyes all around. Easter calls for a load of sweet carrot stuff. For a change, make this savory carrot pilaf!

This spiced Indian style fried rice has toasted nuts, veggies, spices of course, and grated carrots. The grated carrots look like orange rice grains and look super pretty. Use chopped carrots for quicker. Use any spices you have and add herbs and flavor of choice. This rice can be served by itself with a dash of lemon or chutney/dressing or served as a side pilaf with curries, or gravy. I use brown rice in the pilaf, use any rice or other cooked grains of choice. 

I have this thing with most brown rice. a- It just doesn’t sit well with my tummy, and b- seems to overpower the dish. I mean the flavors disappear by the time one is done chewing the darn rice! Thankfully, I did not let that get in the way of trying my own ways to use brown rice. I prefer Brown Basmati rice. It cooks faster and softer. Well cooked and well spiced like this pilaf and you will be in love.

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