Calcium Rich Vegan Diet Food Combinations

Vegan Sources of Calcium and How to Get Enough Without Dairy

Calcium is a nutrient often discussed in the vegan communities. Some will tell you that eating a well-varied plant-based diet will automatically take care of your calcium needs. Yet, a large proportion of vegans fail to meet their calcium requirements, with sometimes lasting consequences on their health.

Vegan Sources of Calcium and How to Get Enough Without Dairy

Why is calcium so important

Calcium is a mineral instrumental to the health of your bones.

Around 40% of your bone mass is built during adolescence, and most women reach their peak bone mass in their early thirties.

After that, bone mass will gradually diminish at a steady rhythm until you menopause, when hormonal changes can cause it to sharply decline. 

Therefore, eating enough calcium throughout childhood and adolescence is instrumental in building strong bones, and getting enough after that is an important factor in helping you maintain them.

In addition to building and maintaining a healthy bone mass, calcium also keep your teeth healthy and plays roles in nerve signalling, muscle contraction, blood clotting and helps maintain a regular heart rhythm

Calcium Rich Vegan Diet Food

Calcium Rich Vegan Diet Food

Best Vegan Sources of Calcium

Let’s start by looking at the best plant-based calcium sources. I’m listing them in descending order of calcium density, and I’m giving both the milligrams calcium per serving, and also how far each vegan food takes you toward 100% of your RDA. Keep in mind that some estimates vary for these foods, so the actual calcium content might be a little higher or lower.

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