Vegan Phirni Recipe

What is any festival without an abundance of sweets and comfort food? This vegan phirni recipe is the perfect dessert to share with family and friends on this special occasion.

What is Phirni?

Phirni is a rice + milk based pudding, which is sweetened with sugar. The flavor enhancers that are typically used traditional Indian spices – saffron (very generously) and cardamon. The texture of this dessert is delightfully creamy and silky. 

Since milk is one of the base ingredients, you can imagine how my lactose-intolerant stomach can’t handle the original recipe. With a simple switch from full fat to almond milk, its the perfect pudding for me and no one else can tell the difference! 

Phirni is different from Kheer as it is made with ground rice whereas Kheer uses whole rice. The consistency here is more like a custard.

Also phirni is best served chilled whereas kheer can be served warm or cold.

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